(De Poel)

by Chris W. Mitchell

The Netherlands 2014, col. 80 min. HD

Production: House of Netherhorror, Nederlands Film Platform, Fu Works

Cast: Gijs Scholten van Achat, Carine Crutzen, Bart Klever, Alex Hendrickx, Jamie Grant, Chris Peters, Katja Herbers

The pool is searching for a pure soul ... and it‘ll stop at nothing to get it

On their annual vacation Lennaert and Rob take their families on a low-budget camping trip in the woods. Leaving the beaten track for a slice of adventure, they come upon a secluded haven on the margins of a pool. This decision will prove more adventurous than expected, for there is something living in the lake, and it‘s begging to get out. 


World Premiere: Imagine Amsterdam Fantastic FF 2014

International Premiere: Brussels International Fantastic FF 2014